Last Minute Downtown Shoot with Valentina

I don’t do last-minute shoots often. Not that I don’t want to, the timing just doesn’t work out most of the time. So, when I asked on IG if anyone was available for a shoot the next morning and Valentina was available, I was excited. I had been following her for some time and loved her work. The only plan we had was to meet, and the rest, we were just making up as we went.

The Location

From Washington Square Park, to a public open space on the 2nd floor of a building in the Financial District. And some spots in between.

Click on the link for a map with location directions. The embedded map below was our starting point.

Location by location map

The Model

Valentina, a gorgeous and graceful person. A very chill person. My kind of people.


The Shoot

It was overcast during this shoot. I do prefer it when it’s sunny but overcast conditions make it much easier to light things since you don’t need a lot of flash to overpower the sun’s light. I clumsily put together my lights and soft box, and we began shooting. The shoot felt like a walk in the park, and not just because we were at a park and walking in it. But that too. We shot some mid and close-up portraits with a soft box and did the same for shots in the steps. I switched to a single flash on the camera’s hotshoe for the last three looks since I wanted more of a natural light look. The shots ended up a little moody due to the shadows overcast weather causes but I feel like it fit the looks well.

Check out the behind the scenes video and the results in the gallery below. You can view some of the before and after shots on my Instagram.

Behind the Scenes

The Shots

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