Typical day in San Francisco with Aishwarya

The more I write these the more it starts feeling like a chore. I know for myself that I have absolutely no passion for writing. I also don’t have a passion for social media, or hell, I don’t have a passion for sharing either. But I do have a passion for creating and I know how much I get in the zone. So, from now on, I’m not sure what to write or whether I’ll do going forward.

I do think I owe it to people I shoot with to do the shoots justice. I think putting in the work in the results part of it and sharing the shots is the other part.

But I do want to write something about this shoot. I think out of anyone I shot with, Aishwarya had some of the most consistently strong poses. This woman just works it out and doesn’t miss. It’s extremely easy to get in a groove with someone as strong as this and I just find myself having to stop myself since I feel I could keep shooting and still get something new every time.

I suppose the timing of these shots is ideal since it’s getting colder and they give off a Christmas vibe. Plus, it was cold. So definitely a typical San Francisco day with the chilliness, and also the pleasant vibe. San Francisco is pretty chill, after all. Both literally and figuratively.

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