Field Shoot with Veronica

This was my first shoot that I had done in some time. I felt that I was a little rusty and who doesn’t get rusty after an extended break? It’s weird but I tend to feel nervous before I do a shoot even though I feel fully confident that I am going to get good results. It’s a very weird oxymoron.

Before my hiatus, I was doing lifestyle shoots. For this shoot, I wanted to go for a very different aesthetic. I was shooting something that looked different, in a place that I hadn’t shot at or been to before, with a model I had not worked before. If I was trying to ease myself back into photography, I wasn’t doing a good job of that.

The Inspiration

A field, with a lot of yellow/warm tones and a high-contrast look. You can check out my inspiration board on Pinterest.

The Location

Gate Vista Point, Belmont. A very small park with very little shade, which would lend itself to the sunny, high contrast look.

The Model

Veronica De Borba, a model with a gorgeous look.


Model Mayhem:

The Shoot

I arrived a little early to get a feel of the place. You just never know what to expect in the Bay Area. It looked like it was going to rain just an hour earlier but on location, it was nice and sunny. It was a very windy location due to the lack of tree coverage but there were some spots where the wind was manageable, or at least, not horrible.

We moved around quite a bit in the area to get some variation in backgrounds. I usually get the shot I want fairly early but I like getting variety. Surprises during shoots are often nice so I like to experiment with angles, location, and movement. I feel better knowing I shot something I saw rather than feel like I should have done more. We shot two looks and for the second look, I stuck to a shaded area because I felt it would lend itself better to the look.

Check out the behind the scenes video and the results in the gallery below. You can view some of the before and after shots on my Instagram.

Behind the Scenes

The Shots