About me (and this blog)

Thanks for stopping by.

I have been doing photography for about 10 years now. What I love about photography is that it combines both technical skills and art, which involves two passions of mine. Growing up, I didn’t want to be in pictures or take them, so it’s ironic that I am into photography now. Okay, I still don’t want to be in pictures, so some things haven’t changed.

I created Pose to Process so that I could share what goes on with the shoots that I do. I enjoy seeing behind the scenes material and it’s something that I want to share also. My hope is that the content will be beneficial to anyone that has wondered how a picture was made and what went into getting the end result. Hence, this covers the pose, to the process.

I hope you enjoy what you see and that as I grow with this blog that you will also grow with me.