Neighborhood Stroll with Jasmin

I’ve always felt I could shoot anywhere and I would be happy with it. I think for me, what I shoot is always more about the person first, the photography second. I care about scenery only to the extent that it allows me to shoot how I want and that it interests me in some way. Part of it may be that I just want to shoot everywhere because I’m curious to see how it will look.

Then again, there are places where I pass by, I see how the light looks, and I know I just want to shoot there. This shoot was precisely that. This happened to be one of those cases.


A road in Colma. Light traffic, and nice diffused lighting after the sun sets and if it’s not overcast. Don’t let the cemetery spook you. Or do, if you like to be spooked.

The Model

The lovely Jasmin @jazzyvett

The Shoot

Timing was pretty important with this shoot because I knew what kind of light I wanted. If you have ever looked at how the light changes after sunset, it’s a very quick and gradual change. There’s also a point where the light gets dull before it gets too dark and you get a colorless ambiance that completely defeats the purpose of shooting at this time.

If you’ve shot with me before you know I kind of rush through things for reasons that I don’t even know, but this one was something else. From start to finish this shoot took about 15 minutes.

It was fairly simple portrait session. The goals were to keep the flash power low to get a bit of fill flash and capture the colors of the scene. Check out the results below.

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