Park Shoot with Gayle

I had a chance to work with Gayle once before. It was a nice, but short shoot, I reached out to her to see if she wanted to shoot again and she was down. I might have had a specific idea for the shoot, but I don’t remember. Most of the shoots I do are just me wanting to create something. I used to do pencil drawings and acrylic painting and I stopped doing both after my portfolio was lost. I didn’t fill that with anything creative until I started doing photography. Even though I do have concepts sometimes, I just enjoy doing these shoots.

The Location

Washington Park, in Burlingame. I looked through images on Google Maps and saw pictures of a flower Garden, which I felt would work nicely.

The Model

The wonderful Gayle:

The Shoot

I arrived in location a little early. I usually like to get there ahead of time if I’ve never been to the location before, which I hadn’t been to this one. I have a bad habit of shooting at places I’ve never been to before. It usually works out, so maybe it’s a good habit. A little of both, probably. The main point of going to Washington Park was for the flower garden that it has. Of course, the flower garden was dead, so that wasn’t going to work.

The park was nice, but it was extremely busy. I try not to shoot at places that are too busy. For one, it’s hard to setup tripods for lights because I don’t want to block people’s paths because it makes me feel like a jerk. Sometimes people are in the background of shots, which is nothing that can’t be fixed in Photoshop, but fixing is time-consuming.

I was able to find some walking paths in another section of the park. Those weren’t as busy, and it was nice, so once Gayle arrived, we shot there. We started off with a casual look and then moved on to a lovely red dress that Gayle had. The dress was supposed to be for the flower garden, which of course, didn’t end up working. But even so, I thought the shots worked out well with what we had, especially once we did some of the shots with the backlight of the sun.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video and shots below for the results.

Behind the Scenes

The Shots

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